As the world continues to connect through air travel, it creates a new opportunity that many job seekers might not realize. There are more jobs than ever in Homeland Security.

With more people taking to the air, the need to employ people who maintain security and safety in the travel industry has increased too.

The Department of Homeland Security, for example, employs 240,000 people across almost two dozen different departments. In fact, many colleges now offer bachelor’s degrees in homeland security. This popular degree program creates sought-after security leaders needed to keep the United States safe.

The number of jobs in homeland security is expected to rise, especially with the recent increase in air travel.

Air Travel Numbers See Sharp Increase

There was a significant jump in air travel in 2015, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The global passenger traffic numbers increased 6.5 percent over 2014.

That’s the biggest jump since 2010, when the economy began to rebound from the global financial crisis.

“Last year’s very strong performance, against a weaker economic backdrop, confirms the strong demand for aviation connectivity,” Tony Tyler, director general of IATA, said in a press release.

A deeper dive into the numbers shows that the biggest increases in air travel were in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. The increases were 10.5% and 8.2% respectively. While the increase in North America was 3.2%, the increase in the United States was larger at 4.9%.

All this adds up to many more people wanting to fly and more jobs for Homeland Security Professionals.

Homeland Security Jobs

There are 22 different agencies within the Department of Homeland Security.

On its website, Homeland Security lists a variety of jobs that appeal to people at all points in their careers. Although they consider people from all walks of life and with various job skills and educational attainment, a degree in homeland security can open doors to these various jobs.

The best-known agency within Homeland Security that deals directly with air travel is the Transportation Security Administration.  However, there are other agencies that also work on security in air travel. These include the Secret Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. There are also intelligence analyst positions within Homeland Security.

With the large nature of the department, a good place to start is on the careers page on the Homeland Security website. Whatever path you choose, there are many opportunities, particularly for those with education and experience in public safety and emergency response.