Concordia University – Portland is affiliated with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and a member of the Concordia University System, including 10 universities with Lutheran mission and values. However, Concordia is not exclusively for students of the Lutheran faith.

Students of all faiths and belief systems are welcome at Concordia. Moreover, faith-based educational experience can help all students reach their personal and professional goals.

Similarly, the mission of Concordia University can make a positive difference in the life of any student, no matter what they believe in. Though the mission is based on the Lutheran faith, it can be applied for students from all walks of life.

Faith-Based Education Can Help You Find Your Purpose

One of the most rewarding parts of college is that it helps give students an opportunity to figure out who they are and what they want from life. This is something that a faith-based education system can help develop.

At Concordia University, the Lutheran idea of vocation is the backbone of the university’s mission. It is all about helping students find their purpose in life. Whether or not students are of the Lutheran faith, Concordia can help them find their calling.

This particular focus on vocation is something that makes faith-based education so special. All colleges can help prepare students for the world, but being able to send them out into the world with purpose is a major advantage.

Post-graduation life can be stressful, so when recent graduates do not have a sense of purpose, they may feel aimless. Faith-based education allows students to find their life’s calling and learn how to use it to achieve their goals.

Faith-Based Education Can Prepare You for a Career

After students find their purpose, they need to figure out a way to channel that energy toward their professional goals. A faith-based education can help students align their personal calling to a career that suits their skills, goals and passions.

Something that sets faith-based universities apart from other institutions is that they cater to the student’s entire being: mind, body and soul. Regardless of the student’s personal religious beliefs, learning how to harness all of their energies toward the right career can help them live a balanced and rewarding life in their chosen profession.

Concordia offers learning opportunities that help students develop the skills that employers are seeking. Concordia also offers professors who know how to bring out the best in their students. There are even internship opportunities available to help students get their careers started while they finish their degrees.

Faith-Based Education Can Help You Make a Positive Difference

Since faith-based education helps students find their calling and prepare for their career, it is no surprise that students also learn how to make a positive difference in their communities.

A lucrative career in a field you love can be incredibly satisfying. However, there is a special sense of fulfillment that comes from making a positive difference in the world around you. No matter your personal belief system, a faith-based education can help you learn how to be the best version of yourself and use those skills to make a difference.